GIVT (Claim Manager)

GIVT (Claim Manager)

Portfolio Description

    Project description

    GIVT is a system by which passengers on delayed flights can obtain compensation for these delays. The application consists of a number of components including an intelligent form that handles the customer reporting the problem. In the further life cycle of the case, various documents are collected from the reporting party, documents are generated at the appropriate stage of the case, case deadlines are monitored, and so on. The whole works together with a self-learning mechanism (Machine Learning) to suggest chances of compensation based on many different external factors. The tool has been implemented in a number of European countries, but not only, and is fully customisable and able to quickly launch the next market. The technologies used in the project on both the front and backend side of the system are the latest trends currently used in IT.

    Design features

    • distributed system architecture
    • use of Machine Learning in the case acquisition process
    • project based on Kubernetes and Cloud environment

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