Electrical installations

Electrical installations

Portfolio Description

    Project description

    Electrical Installations is a module of the Manager system. The purpose of this module is to allow the electrician to design a plan for the electrical installation in the house, and the possibility for the customer to later revise this plan. The system has the ability to configure the electrical blocks that can be used by both the electrician and the customers. Surcharges for selecting an excessive number of electrical blocks are included. Making changes to the electrical installation scheme takes place at a specific stage of the house purchase project.

    Cechy projektu

    • Configuration of any electrical blocks by the system administrator
    • Preparation of wiring diagrams by electricians
    • Changes to wiring diagrams by customers at the system front end
    • Calculation of surcharges for the use of an excessive number of electrical blocks
    • Possibility of selecting electrical blocks from different series

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