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Many years of experience, an ambitious team, new technologies - all this makes the solutions created by NetTeam Solutions, worth the price. Don't wait, contact us today.

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NetTeam Solutions is a company providing flexiblemodernfriendly IT solutions.

The idea behind building our software is to enable easy access to business information, automate typical processes and optimise their operation.

Carrywater Group

NetTeam Solutions was established in 2011 through the separation of an organized business from the Carrywater Group S.A. Previously, together with our colleagues, we were part of a company called Carrywater Consulting. Within the Carrywater Group, there are also other companies. Thanks to mutual relationships, our potential grows, and we have the capabilities to undertake even very complex projects.

About NetTeam Solutions

NetTeam’s team of managers, analysts and programmers has several years of experience in creating IT solutions, thanks to which we effectively help our clients in solving their problems.

The services provided by the NetTeam Solutions team consist mainly in the production of dedicated software, in accordance with art and best practices, its implementation and maintenance as well as providing the necessary technical support to our clients.

NetTeam Solutions also provides consulting services in the following areas
in the area of business support, conducting audits of existing software, system integration, database management and implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

Want to see what we can boast about?

We take great care in carrying out the tasks entrusted to us, and we are committed to professionalism, high quality, versatility, stability and speed of execution. For this reason, we have developed products that have all these qualities, and adapting them to any application is not a challenge for us.

Our story


Opening up to new customers and innovative technologies. Consistent expansion of the NetTeam Manager platform.


Creation of a Design Centre - a very modern tool for customer service for one of our key partners.


Working on the 5th generation of the NetTeam system based on the Symfony 4 framework. Growth of the team of developers and administrators.


Close cooperation with GIVT on the implementation of a platform for handling customer cases of delayed flights. Implementation of further IT systems for Danwood.


Consistent implementation of the company's strategy, development and acquisition of new customers. Building competence in BPM and CRM, which resulted in the launch of a partnership programme with the US company ProcessMaker.


Launch of work on the 4th generation of the NetTeam IT system. Reorganisation of the NetTeam team and change of company address.


Transformation of NetTeam Solutions sp. z o.o. into NetTeam Solutions S.A. Consistently building the brand of our oraganisation and expanding the scope of our cooperation among new organisations.


Spin-off of NetTeam Solutions sp. z o.o. from the Carrywater Group. Since then, NTS has been operating independently in the market of IT companies. We continue to specialise in implementing our solutions for customers seeking IT support.


Change of company name to Carrywater Consulting. The consulting sector dominates the activities of our organisation. The Wroclaw branch of the company continues to implement IT systems for our customers and provides IT support for the Warsaw branch.


Establishment of second company headquarters in Warsaw. Dynamic development into consulting services. Established relationships with major companies in Poland and abroad.


Transformation of the company into IT Experts. Building the company's position in the market. Customer acquisition and implementation of IT systems.


Founding of the company under the name POS Experts Consulting by Wojtek Woziwodzki. Jakub and Sebastian joined the team immediately. Starts gaining experience operating geographically dispersed IT systems for international retail chains.

Our areas of activity

Customer support

We help streamline business processes, replacing legacy techniques with IT systems and IT tools.

Project management

We run IT projects while being in constant contact with the client.

IT analytics

We carry out extensive analyses of problems and issues related to the day-to-day work of companies. We create solutions.

Advice and consultancy

We support our customers with our expertise in IT services and offer consulting services.


On request, we carry out audits or represent clients before an auditor.

Agile / SCRUM

We apply agile techniques to the running of projects. We adapt to the client's needs in this regard.


Our team of administrators watches over the security and continuity of our solutions 24/7.


We program mainly in PHP. We use design patterns and enjoy learning.


We use both relational and non-relational databases. We have established cooperation with companies offering BI class solutions.


We base our code mainly on the Symfony framework.


We create websites in new technologies using the latest techniques and tools.

Doctrine ORM

When the situation calls for it, we support the operation of our systems with appropriate tools.


We develop mobile applications for the Android operating system.

Continuous integration

We develop our software by following methods of continuous integration.


We store our code in GIT repositories.

Responsive Layout

We create websites that are scalable on mobile devices.

and more...

We regularly test the code of the IT systems we develop. We use unit, functional and behavioural tests. In addition, we perform security and load tests in the production and test environments of our customers.

Whenever possible, our programmers program in pairs. With this technique, we make fewer mistakes while increasing the team’s commitment to the project.

Code should undergo a proper Code Review before being approved in the repository. This technique reduces the number of errors in the code and improves the quality of the code.