Our Products

Our products

At the moment, our key product is the Manager system, which is a powerful application that allows us to process huge amounts of data. But that’s not all we want to share with the world. Dozens of completed projects have taught us what is really important in business – flexibility and speed of implementation of ideas. Hence, we offer ready-made solutions that can be fully configurable.

NTS Manager

It is a CRM application – a powerful tool that allows you to control hundreds of thousands of records, and the relationships between them. We’re particularly proud of it because it’s reliable, fast and offers a real range of features.

Integrations, visualisations, export to Excel, full scalability, multilingualism.

These are just some of the features, of this wonderful work of art. Check it out for yourself


Electrical Installations Manager is a software application that enables the creation of electrical designs for building and flat plans. The application is easy to use, fast and extremely powerful

Check it out for yourself or contact us for access to a demo version.

NTS configurator

It’s a frotn app – offering the ability to configure any elements, and aspects of any product. It can be used for anything – houses, rooms, cars, furniture, prints – anything you need, in a convenient, fast and scalable app

Check out this project

Your product

Contact us to discuss the details and create just what you need.

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