Smart Fly

Smart Fly

Portfolio Description

    Project description

    Smart Fly is an extension of the GIVT offer. It consists of the possibility to sign up to a programme that monitors flight statuses and keeps track of flight delays. If your flight is listed as delayed, you have the chance to quickly obtain compensation without unnecessary paperwork. This will happen every time one of your flights is delayed. The system uses multiple components and is based on a distributed architecture. It communicates with many external services in order to keep the database of monitored flights as large as possible. The tool has been deployed in a number of European countries, but not only, and is fully configurable and capable of quickly launching another market. The technologies used in the project on both the front- and back-end side of the system are the latest trends currently used in IT.

    Project features

    • modern and convenient solution
    • huge and continuously updated flight database
    • latest technology including Machine Learning

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