Credit calculator

Credit calculator

Portfolio Description

    Project description

    One of NetTeam Bank’s modules set aside as an independent tool to support the sale of bank loans. Based on information about the customer’s financial capabilities, the application selects the optimal credit product for the customer. With one click, the user receives information on which bank products are available for the selected client. The application presents, in the form of a simple table of the relationship “Amount of credit – Number of instalments”, the values of the instalments for the repayment of the credit and informs whether the customer is creditworthy. The calculator also enables simulations of increasing/decreasing the amount of credit as well as increasing/decreasing the number of instalments in a very fast and user-friendly manner.

    Project features

    • Support for the sale of credit products
    • Quick product selection for the customer
    • Possibility of integration with NetTeam Bank

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