Yes, we develop software for a variety of industries, including financial services, industry, retail, healthcare and many others. We have particular experience in the construction, banking and information services industries. However, we are constantly looking for new challenges…

Naturally, we apply the highest standards of information security and protection of the privacy of our customers' data, using a range of complex technical and organisational measures and complying with the relevant laws and regulations. It is very important to us that the customer has complete confidence in us.

Our qualification and skill requirements depend on the position for which the candidate is applying.
As we specialise in software development, software development positions are therefore particularly important to us, for which we pay particular attention to a university degree in IT and commercial experience within specific technologies. For the other positions, i.e. testing, administration and around-business, experience in the industry counts for us.

Given the nature of our organisation, we value people who are:

  • quick to learn and open to new challenges,
  • responsible and self-motivated,
  • able to work as part of a team.

If you are not sure whether you meet our requirements or you know you can meet them soon, get in touch, we'll be happy to talk and see what we can offer you.

Working at NetTeam Solutions comes with benefits alone, these include, above all:

  • competitive salary + additional benefits,
  • flexible working hours
  • possibility to work remotely,
  • professional development,
  • cooperation with a strong team of professionals,
  • working in a well-organised and managed project,
  • friendly and supportive working atmosphere.
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